Year of the Snake 2013

Year Of The Snake Greeting Card

Last month WE Design Studios was asked to design a Chinese New Year’s greeting card for International Crisis Group (ICG) in Beijing. This is the second year Laura and I have been asked to create a digital card for ICG and we were honored to do so.

The Chinese lunar calendar celebrates the Year of the Snake throughout 2013. To create the iconic snake image featured in this year’s card Laura borrowed from the style and technique she used in making ICG’s 2012 Year of the Dragon card. You will notice a similar color palette and rendering approach that completes the imagery.

We had a fantastic experience working with ICG again this year. The group’s ongoing work in ending global conflict in exemplary. Diffusing volatile situations oftentimes demands implementing creative approaches, which may be why ICG is such a great client. The group understands the design process and it knows how to facilitate getting great results from its partners.